We offer a 30-day warranty on the electronic components of the TKTalkie.  We do not produce the electronics components ourselves and therefore must comply with the warranties offered by the manufacturer.  We will replace faulty electronics components free-of-charge within 30 days of purchase.

We offer an unlimited warranty on the workmanship (i.e. assembly) of TKTalkie.  This warranty is subject to TKTalkie being used for its intended purpose and under normal operating conditions (if you decide to see if it's water-proof for example, we can't help you with that....hint....it's not waterproof) and covers the case (if purchased through us) and all wiring connections.  We will repair your TKTalkie free-of-charge if it fails under this warranty.

Opening the case and/or modifying the electronics voids the warranty.

Other conditions not covered under the workmanship warranty include (but are not limited to):

  • Seeing if it will hold your weight
  • Wondering if you drop it off a really tall building will it land on its feet
  • Sticking it in the freezer and see if it makes your voice sound like you have the chills
  • Using it for a hockey puck
  • Forgetting to take off your armor (and therefore your TKTalkie)  when you get in the shower after a long day of trooping.

We think you get the idea.  Just use it the way it was meant to be used.

Warranty Shipping

We will pay for shipping if your TKTalkie must be returned within the first 30-days under the electronic component warranty period, or if it falls under the unlimited workmanship warranty.

For electronics failures after 30 days and all other situations, shipping must be paid by buyer.